After today’s results, tomorrow more than ever we need Wigan Athletic fans to get behind the team when playing West Ham United.

It looks like two wins is what Latics need and that is what we have to be focussed on tomorrow, if it wasn’t before the game is absolutely massive now.

West Ham are as good as relegated now, which means they can play with a little less fear as it would take a small miracle for all the results they need to go their way happen.

I suppose most could say that about ourselves, but two wins gives us 42 points, both Rovers and Wolves can’t make that total, it is possible for both of them not too. Blackpool have to go to Old Trafford where whatever team United put out will be a hard place to go and win, especially as the Premier League trophy will be presented and they won’t want to go out on a loss.

Birmingham are far from home and dry, they could well lose their last two games, draw one or both and so won’t make the 42. I won’t go into the ‘if we draw’ permutations, but it could well be possible for us to do that as well.

So there are loads of permutations yet, we just need to be in the mix for the final game at Stoke City and a win will guarantee that, so play the video and get in the mood, our voices need to drown out the away end and cheer the boys to victory. Don’t forget ‘The Empty Seats’ are playing pre and post match, see the Supporters Club website for details here

Running Time: 3:28