Football is a habit to some and a way of life to others, but one thing is for sure, every fan expects to have a good time when they go to a football game.

The ones in charge of the ways in which supporters of both teams at a football game can find something for them, is the club themselves. The FA and EFL both promote guidelines for clubs to follow, so that the everyday fan can have their say and put across their opinion on whether they are doing something right, but more importantly on whether they are doing something very wrong.

Fan engagement has been written in charters for a couple of seasons now, and the FSF and Supporters Direct have done a survey to find out if Clubs are doing the right things. It was found that although Clubs are taking heed of the engagement policy, they are not generally acting on the findings for these meetings with the fans, more information is on the FSF website here.

There are a lot of other things that football fans can do, so it is up to Clubs to engage them properly:

Most fans have a family, so catering for the younger element is  essential for keeping the support going. By providing areas and entertainment you are not only keeping the little ones occupied, but you are also securing the future generation of fans to the club.

The age range that fans tend to drift away from their football team is the 18 to 25 group. These are the ones that sometimes seem to be forgotten about and are also of the technology age. Not only have Clubs to make football appealing to them, they also have to offer something that will be as good as or better than the online slots they all seem to play these days, you can find list of slots here.

Lately there has been a healthy growth in the Ladies attending games, they are no different in demographic to their male counterparts, but they do expect things to be made available for them too. Whether that be wine instead of beer or ladies clothes in the club shop, they have their own identity which needs to be looked after.

The middle aged supporters are the most likely to be the stalwarts, having older kids and probably friends that go to the game, it is a different experience for them, more of a social occasion. They are likely to go for a drink and something to eat before the game and then again afterwards, so great opportunities for Cubs to make some much needed revenue by catering correctly for these.

The Seniors are more likely to fall into two categories, those that come along at the last minute to get to their seats and those that get there as early as they can. They are usually more careful with their money so suitable things must be provided so they can get the most out of their time at the Stadium. They are there to let you know all about how Ian McNeill got Wigan Athletic  into the League, what Springfield Park was like and a whole host of history that would be lost without them.

So going back to the question, what do fans expect from football? well as you can tell it is a mixed bag and one which Clubs must be diverse about and be able to cater for. If you have something that you need your club to look at, every League Football Club has an SLO and will at some point hold fan engagement meetings. Please remember though, it is a two way street, if you think your club is doing something right, let them know about that too.

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