I don’t know about Charles and Roberto, but the rigmarole surrounding the posturing of Clubs that our touting him is getting embarrassing. Wigan Athletic want 10 million pounds, pay it you will probably get your man, don’t and you won’t, it’s easy.

With Aston Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle and now Everton arsing about with trying to get the player on the cheap, one of them is going to miss out.

Dave Whelan has said from the off that £10 million will get the club to allow a team to talk to him, so why after 3 weeks are they still trying it on?

Everton are the only ones that can’t afford him but are desperately trying everything to get the cash together to finance the deal. The latest attempt is to put Jack Rodwell on the market.

The bull published in the telegraph in the week regarding N’Zogbia going on strike has been laughed off by Club, player and manager, leaving egg on the face of the idiot reporter.

Charles has allegedly been left at home whilst his team mates travelled to Austria on tour, fuelling speculation that he is really finalising something in the UK.

Either way, Latics fans would love to see him stay another season, but if he is to go, can it happen soon.

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