There seems to be a lot more Ladies watching football now, but what it is that draws you to the game? In the latest initiative by the FSF, they try to get to the bottom of it to understand what makes a female fan tick and what Football can do to get more of you to the game.

Back in 1975 when I saw my first match, there was next to no chance you would see a female at Springfield Park unless she was selling you merchandise, a pie or a programme. Although some started to come to our old home before we left, since the move to the DW Stadium the uptake of ladies in watching Wigan Athletic has been phenomenal.

This has been seen across the football grounds though and not just at Wigan, what happened to the game which made it appealing to the fairer sex?

The Football Supporters’ Federation and Kick It Out are currently running a survey aimed at match-going female fans, to help us understand more about why they love football, what it’s like to attend matches in a predominantly male environment and whether there are any ways in which more women could be encouraged into stadiums.

Whilst there is undoubtedly an increase in the number of women going to watch men’s football (as borne out by recent surveys of Premier League and Football League fans), there remains very little research available on their actual experiences of attending the match or being a football fan in general.

If you are in this category and want to pave the way for more female fans of football, please spare a bit of time to take part in this survey. The survey is available here and will be open until January 2015.

The information gathered through the survey will be pulled together in a report (which we will use to inform our work and make some practical recommendations going forward).

The FSF will also be holding a panel discussion for female football fans to share their experiences of following the men’s game from the Premier League to non-league on Monday 8th December at Amnesty International please see our website here for more information if you think this is an event your female supports would like to know about.

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