Wigan 1 Arsenal 0 (Papa John’s Trophy) 25th Jan 2022

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Papa John’s Trophy – DW STADIUM

Tuesday 25th January 2022

Baningime (83)
1 – 0
Arsenal U21s

The stadium was packed, well the trusted east or was it west stand was. The noise was as good as any Saturday afternoon. Max had clearly been disciplined and told to play with the academy, or maybe he was a look alike.

Any way he only lasted 16 minutes and then ran out of puff. Wigan needed a match winning Captain so Jamie Jones was brought back in from the cold into the cold. The rest of the lads pulled up their socks, ruffled their hair and like seasoned professionals leapt and danced on to the pitch.

Carragher ran from defence to attack in the style of that gazelle of old, Mario, super Mario. Arsenal dinked and danced their way around the academy team only to be thwarted at every stop. SZE ran into the box in the style of Connor Salmon, but didn’t score and fell over. Bennett Beausajour managed some better throw ins, and Bayliss patrolled the mid field like Paul Scharner without the blue hair. Bang’emin watched a kick-about in 2013 and reckoned he could do 1 better than Callum Mcmannanananan, he did.

As good as Sir Ben but with his foot. A crackin’ goal without a VAR of an ounce of offside. Lloyd wanted to do an Alcaraz at Blackburn but his head just wasn’t quite as good and it wasn’t pouring with rain. The aspirant Espinoza, Aasgaard just loped around with the nonchalance of Monsieur Diame with his . What a game and so full of memories. Everyone else was like BOYCEEEEEEE

To quote Leam, who said at the end of the game “it was a game of 1 half, the second half and I had to laugh. Everyone hates us, especially the EFL. They tried to push us into history last season but they can’t keep us down. It’s a laugh really innit? And now they want us to play all our games in hand in the final week of the season. As the wonderful fans sing “We are Wigan and we just can’t get enough”, don’t they”?
We’re going to party. Have a cake (or a pie)!!
Anyone would think I was there.


By GoalsGalore

Cockney Latic MOM: Baningime
Attendance: 4288

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