Wigan Athletic, do we have a future with Phoenix 21?

by | May 10, 2023 | News

Are we heading for Admin?

Firstly we need some truths before we go linching. The first question is, why has this happened again only weeks after Talal spoke to the press explaining that they had liquidated assets (so called property worth £30million) and he could guarantee it will never happen again.

He spoke of proving they’re here for the duration and building bridges with the fans.

Well that bridge Talal’s building is like the bridge going over the canal near the ground in winter. Your not sure you can trust it, slipping and sliding holding on for dear life moving forward then going back then slipping with a bang.

There’s things going on money wise that’s not right. By not paying wages rather than sell is making the situation 20 times worse and could lead to us not starting the season and booted out by the EFL.

When all said and done I’m sure that’s not what the owners want, so for me it’s one of 2 things right now that they need to do, which is:-

Get a wadge of that so called liquidated assest money and put it into an account and set up a bill payment to cover at least 12 months wages and safeguard the club,
Put us up for sale for £1 and let someone come in and do a better job.

There’s no in-betweens, no but what if we…. No ifs, buts, when’s, wheres or why’s…. either money in an account or sell up.

It’s clear they are not prepared to use any personal wealth to sort this mess, they prefer to hide behind the Phoenix 2021 badge to safe guard their own money

Ummmmmmmmm very similar to the IEC. Once Phoneix 2021 goes bump they can walk away with scorched fingers but live to fight another day while we sail off into the abyss 10 leagues down.

Talal has lost this one with the fans, the majority have lost all faith him and those behind him. And to think we won an EFL community award, Jesus wept !!, how can you get it oh so right on one hand and so wrong on the other it beggars belief.

Me personal thoughts are, better the devil you know. Talal needs to put money into an account to cover wages for the next 12 months and prove it to the EFL. Whether fans like it or not, this is by far the easiest way forward right now. All other options will cause no end of damage. 

Without this assurance they must sell and sell yesterday for a £1. New owners can invest the money they would have spent on buying the club and steer us away from a disaster.

I still sit here looking at all the other clubs and no one has been through what we’ve been through, none

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