Everyone dreams about it, walking out a football ground in their team’s kit. Well for five local Wigan Athletic fans, this dream could soon be a reality.

The Lucozade fans fives are a fantastic opportunity for fans to get a chance to represent their club at Stamford Bridge on the 21st May 2011. Wigan’s contribution comes in the form of a team called, Wigan On Tour. For the massive Latics fans Liam O’Connor, David Naylor, Adam O’Neill, Liam McDermott, James Taylor and Mike Kelly it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one they are not going to let go without a fight.

So what is this Lucozade fans fives.

The Wigan On Tour team are currently in the Fan-off, where three teams from each Premier League club compete for your vote in a series challenges fit for true football fanatics. The team with the most votes after four weeks will get to represent their club in the Lucozade Fans Fives tournament at Stamford Bridge on 21 May. This week, the team showed the full extent of their ‘Chairman for a day’, the week before was ‘match day madness’ and the first week was a club shrine. The team only have 1 more video to make.
The final video is called ‘The Teamtalk’ which will be available from the 18th April with voting finishing on the 25th April.

The Wigan On Tour team are up against two other teams and the team with the most votes will go through to the 5-a-side competition on Stamford Bridge.

The team have not only do have the support of the local paper, but they have also been on Wish FM who are following the team’s progress. The lads also have the support of Wigan Athletic, and Wigan Athletic and England under 21 Tom Cleverley has publicly backed the team to win the fans fives!

The group want to show people that they care about Wigan Athletic. They have all been season ticket holders for as long as they can remember and they travel the country following Wigan, but as well as that they hope people can see that they been out and put the effort into the videos which hopefully will see people go online and vote for them.

Voting is free and simple; all you need to have is a Facebook account! Simply log into your Facebook account, go to fansfives.lucozade.com, click on "Wigan Athletic" then "Wigan On Tour" then vote! Voting closes on Monday each week and you get a new vote each week!

Finally, all the team played at a younger age, although a few of them haven’t played for a while, so they are using this tournament as an excuse to get back out on the pitch, get the boots from the back of the cupboard and give their best to try and finish as high as they can, assuming they can win the fan off.

The only way this will happen is if all the Wigan Athletic community comes together and shows the fantastic support that has got Wigan to where they are today.

It only takes a couple of minutes to do but the memories for this group of Latics fans will last a life time.

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