The main competition will be for the prizes provided by Cockney Latic and sponsors Workit Recruitment of Wigan. But that won’t spoil the fun for those wanting to play for money as well. We will be running a ‘Winner takes All’ alongside the Free Entry Competition at a cost of £8 per team. Play with as many teams as you want, just pay up for each one, below is a paypal account for your cash to stay until the end of the Competition.

The Premier League Prediction League

The Premier League Prediction League will have a similar format to last season, but the points scoring will be slightly different with bonus points for correct scores on Saturday matches and the last game of the season:

Correct Home Score 2 Points
Correct Away Score 2 Points
Correct Result 7 Points
Correct Score 4 Points
Maximums in games involving Wigan Athletic 5 Bonus Points

Results are at 90 minutes in league games and after extra time in Cup games that can’t be decided in normal time.

As you can see we have changed the way the scoring is done for this season, to give more emphasis on getting the result correct, this will allow for a more closely fought contest throughout the season.

The Prediction League is now set up and you need to go in and register for the leagues. Those who played last year you will have the same login details, just go to ‘my profile’ and enter the league. Those who didn’t play last year, go to the Prediction League (link is at the top of the page) to register your username and enter that way.

If there any problems or any questions please email on

The highest placed finisher who has paid into the ‘pot’ will take the cash. I will put the names of all the teams that have paid in the ‘Prediction League Forum’ so that everybody knows who has entered and I will close entry on 31st August 2010.


Please write your team name

If there any problems or any questions please email on

The highest finisher will take the pot, less any paypal fees. Good luck

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