Both of the Work It Recruitment Prediction Leagues are still very close at the top, with lano23 keeping his nose ahead in both. But it is only just over half way in the Premier League Predictions and anyone can still win it.

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All eyes are on lano23 as he leads the Cups Prediction League and is keeping in touch in the EPL Prediction League. We are over the half way mark in both Leagues now and it is still very close with the top 20 or so in both still in with a good chance of winning.

The players which are vying for the £100 top prize are also very close, even though none of them actually have the best score, alanladd has that honour, but didn’t enter the prize league. So the top three are are Saredt (last season’s Cups League winner) followed by scholesblue and Willy Wombat.

The Cups League is headed at the moment by lano23 with Wigan Canuck and A CONROY hot on his heels. There are far fewer games left in this league than the EPL League, although it could finish after it though if there are British finalists in the European Cups.

Any way it is looking like being a very close fought season in both Leagues, so for those taking part, don’t forget to get your predictions on as early as possibly, the ability to view others predictions has now been removed, so your scores will only be able to be seen by you.

Good Luck.

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