After weeks of ‘Martinez bashing’ on the message boards, a Wigan Athletic fan had to break their silence in defence of our manager with a heartfelt post today. I thought it was something that was wasted just being on the message board and so here it is, an open letter to those who profess to SUPPORT this great club.

Shall we get out our coaching badges and compare? Cos I’m sure that the idiots in the east stand know infinitely less about the beautiful game than the manager.

I was frankly embarrassed by the way some of our ‘fans’ treated Roberto last night. It’s time some of you clowns had a reality check. I found myself agreeing last night with all the arseholes in the media who knock us continually – last night some of our fans proved that we don’t deserve a Premier League team.

I don’t buy into the ‘JCL’ argument, but seriously, if you have only been watching Latics for 10 years or less, then please go away and read some history. We are a club equivalent to Rochdale, Morecambe, Macclesfield, Hartlepool etc. And yet we’re playing in the Premier League.

The fans of those clubs would give anything for one season of what we’ve had. The jokers in the east stand last night need to realise that you don’t always win at football.

Also, can you try to understand that although Dave Whelan is rich beyond belief compared to the likes of you and I, his wealth is nothing compared to the kind of people who are bankrolling other Premier League clubs.

I have it on very good authority that the way Bruce, Benson and Spencer had been running the club, we were just throwing money away. Roberto has introduced a salary cap and is trying to build the club properly and get us playing attractive football with good young players who don’t rape the club of money.

Would you rather have Mario tossing it off on £40k a week, or McCarthy, McArthur, Moses, and Cleverley on a combined wage of £40k?

This is Roberto who is doing this. He wants the best for Wigan Athletic. He REALLY does. He turned down 3 bigger clubs to come here. He is one of the best young managers in World Football and he WANTS to be our manager. He’s not using us as a stop gap like melon head at Sunderland. I cannot believe how lucky we are to have him.

And yet some people are happy to drive him out.

Get behind Roberto and the boys, or F*ck off somewhere else.

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