Like treading mud this last 2 weeks.

by | Apr 27, 2022 | News

It was all looking so good

Before the Cambridge game we all were thinking it was just a matter of time before we get over the line, then we lost and since we are now wondering if we are going to end up in the play offs.

No team in this League seems to want to seal promotion, firstly with Rotherham self-imploding, then MK Dons hitting self-destruct after a colossal effort to get them within reach of the automatic spots.

Latics are where they are on merit, the season is a marathon not a sprint, but why oh why are we not making that final lunge for the line instead of putting all us fans through the mill.

As it happens, even a draw in the Cambridge game would now have seen us promoted now. But whether it is nerves, or we really are on our last legs, we head to the final game, still needed a point for guaranteed promotion.

It could of course just happen with us losing, if Rotherham and/or MK Dons don’t win we are promoted, if neither of them win we are Champions.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted in the Latics Forum to see what people’s thoughts were regarding not getting an automatic promotion spot… Staying down a disaster – Cockney Latic .. but it was a bit tongue in cheek.

Who would know that 4 games later we still wouldn’t have crossed that finish line? The media have already given it us, the fans were in buoyant mood at the weekend with us being 3 points and 7 goals ahead.

Now it is 3 points and 6 goals ahead, but in the back of the mind that means a 3-0 loss for us, with Rotherham winning and MK Dons winning by more than 3 goals, would see us head into the Play Offs…. Could it actually happen?

As fans we really need to get behind the team, the total negativity that has been around the stadiums, forums, social media, pubs and the terraces is downright mad. Especially the latter, because the team senses and feels it….. yes it is your fault, you know who your are 😊

For those that are going to Shrewsbury, get behind the team from the off, even if things start to go wrong, stick with them. We will get through this and at worst have a banner saying we are promoted, at worst have a trophy for Party in the Park.

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