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    Power is going to be a big loss in the middle in League One which I think is he’s level.
    It’s glaringly obvious we don’t have a battler in the middle to break things up. Smith tried but he always looked a yellow poss red was gonna come his way.

    The problem is our starting 11 and fringe players are no were near each other, there’s a huge gap in quality. I do like Luke Brennan though when he came on. Very very busy and keen to get forward.

    We look ok for now but once the injuries and suspensions start to arrive I think we will struggle.

    As for the Martinez style of football ?. Keeping the ball is great but as the commentators said we simply don’t get the ball into the last 3rd quick enough.

    I’m not sure how many touches Morrison and Hughes had combined but it must have been as many as the rest of all the players (both sides) combined.

    Power is gonna be a big loss? You’re having a laugh, we don’t need a player that hardly makes a tackle and points to others to do the work he should be doing. When we played Stoke at home last season I told my mates to keep an eye on him and it was 58 minutes before he actually made a tackle on someone.
    We won’t miss him one bit, apart from he had great delivery from set pieces. We didn’t score one goal from his long throws so glad to see the back of those. We have other players who can take free kicks and corners so, no, for me I was glad to see the back of him. He always gave 110% but was undropable even when playing Shyte.

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!