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    Look I’m not getting into the Power debate as he’s gone but I don’t think he was as bad as some folk made out. There seem to be a hate club against him and it spread amongst our fans. It seemed to me it was only him getting stick when others were just as bad if not worse.

    It was embarrassing at times listening folk screaming “Get the fcuk off the pitch Power your shit” when Shinnie couldn’t put 2 passes together and Fletcher wouldn’t hit a barn door with a beach all from 5 yards but neither got the abuse Power got from the stands. He was the only one with the balls to confront the fans at Blackpool.
    Was he the world’s best player? hardly but he was experienced, and always was busy chasing and hounding and at League One level that’s something we lacked badly at Wrexham.

    I just hope we don’t fall into a 700 passes a game club because without a Power or a Naylor we’ll invite more pressure on the back four.

    As for Brennan ?, I saw him at Morecambe and he stood out first half head and shoulders above the rest. Very busy, hounds and very hard to get by then on the break got away numourous times.

    Could he be the answer moving him inside ?. He won’t be the first or the last to do it. Even John Stones has found a new lease of life moving into a holding midfield role.