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    Your a “Let’s Spend” type of fan as you clearly pointed out Cze is not good enough a lad of 19 and a handful of games and if we bought players he’d drop down the pecking order ? like say Fletcher?? .

    It’s like a bricklaying apprentice 6 months into a 4 year apprenticeship and a brickie comes up to him:-

    “There you go lad, nip over there and build us a house”.
    Young lads need to develope I would sooner see a Cze grow and mature coming on in games and make the odd mistake rather than pay a useless Shinnie in L1 Jordan Jones or an Edwards make the same mistakes on X10 the money and with no future sell on profit.
    We’ve been down that road buying crap so don’t go saying not good enough, these lads need to be given minutes.

    If they were he wouldnt be at Wigan Athletic.

    Were tf did I make out every ball he puts in is spot on ?. You a lawyer ? cause you don’t half like changing things up.

    And wtf is an average ball ?? It either goes to its intended spot or it doesn’t. If it’s a 2 yard short is that good poor or average ?.

    If Pearce puts in 5 balls 3 crackers 2 stinkers and we score is that a job done or he’s sh1t?.
    Clearly in your eyes you think he doesn’t put enough good balls in. That makes me think you don’t go watching us