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    cup winnerscup winners

      Oh, and some good crosses from Tom Pearce and some awful ones. He doesn’t seem to have a half decent ball. Either quality or shit.

      Fcukin clueless pal jesus Christ almighty wtf u on about ?. Derby excellent crosses and corners then assist for one goal hit first time to hit Wyke on the button.

      Superb crosses and corners assist for Hughes goal at home I lost count how many crosses and corners he ping in.
      Corners that are pin point whipped in at pace and on the button. Just enough to force a keeper to 50/50 it.
      Seriously you have no idea, fcuk knows what your watching, bet365 and your coupon ?. Get a grip mon, get a grip


      What about the one he hits on the final whistle? Over everyone’s head and straight to the keeper. Or the few he hit at Wrexham that missed everyone? There was one where Humphs nearly snaps his hamstring tryna control it.

      He’s a great crosser of a ball when he gets it right. Listening to you lot every ball he hits is gold.

      cup winnerscup winners

        So your highlighting 2 bad crosses out of about 20 two that lead to us hitting woodwork two goals and numerous crosses that landed with pace right on the button

        but the one at the end??

        God please give me strength for I am been tested by a dick


        There were plenty mate they just jump out.

        He can hit a cracking balls no doubt but not everyone he hits is a good one like you’re all making out. If they were he wouldnt be at Wigan Athletic.

        cup winnerscup winners

          On average his corners (and I stress on average) are bang on. They are whipped in with pace and usually again stress usually land were the keeper is 50/50 wether to commit or not and if he does he gets caught out i.e. Wykes at Derby Hughes at home.

          So we’ve scored 5 goals Pearce assisted 2 of them and we’ve hit the woodwork twice both from Pearce balls.
          What the fuck do you want ? A worldy ball 100% of the time and a goal off every cross? because if that’s the case he’d be along side Caicedo and Lavia on an 8 year deal.

          If Wyke shoots say 5 times in a game and scores a corker would you praise his goal or slag him off for missing because not every shot leads to a goal you know, the same goes for crosses.

          Pearce is a brilliant crosser of the ball and what I like he doesn’t have to get to the touch line before crossing, he’s very good at running with it then when he gets over the half way line he hits the early one catching defenders out while their back peddling. If there’s one thing defenders hate is early hit balls into space while their running backwards.

          I can see were you going with this highlighting every bad cross he does from now till May 2024 but tbh if he hits 5 and one lands on the money and we score he’s done his job no matter what the fcuk you think.
          You don’t like him ….period I do and his stats at the end will say so as long as he remains fit


          Where did I say I didn’t like him. I just argued that he can hit a sixpence from 60 yards. He can occasionally but then occasionally he can’t hit a barn door from 5 yards.

          I would say the same about Wyke with your example. People on here would be saying everything he hits goes in and from 30 yards.

          God help us if either of them came through our academy. They’d be the next Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo (the real one)

          cup winnerscup winners

            Your a “Let’s Spend” type of fan as you clearly pointed out Cze is not good enough a lad of 19 and a handful of games and if we bought players he’d drop down the pecking order ? like say Fletcher?? .

            It’s like a bricklaying apprentice 6 months into a 4 year apprenticeship and a brickie comes up to him:-

            “There you go lad, nip over there and build us a house”.
            Young lads need to develope I would sooner see a Cze grow and mature coming on in games and make the odd mistake rather than pay a useless Shinnie in L1 Jordan Jones or an Edwards make the same mistakes on X10 the money and with no future sell on profit.
            We’ve been down that road buying crap so don’t go saying not good enough, these lads need to be given minutes.

            If they were he wouldnt be at Wigan Athletic.

            Were tf did I make out every ball he puts in is spot on ?. You a lawyer ? cause you don’t half like changing things up.

            And wtf is an average ball ?? It either goes to its intended spot or it doesn’t. If it’s a 2 yard short is that good poor or average ?.

            If Pearce puts in 5 balls 3 crackers 2 stinkers and we score is that a job done or he’s sh1t?.
            Clearly in your eyes you think he doesn’t put enough good balls in. That makes me think you don’t go watching us


            If it doesn’t find its target it’s a poor ball. If it doesn’t put the defence under pressure, it’s a poor ball. He hits plenty. He also hits plenty that do find their target and do put the defence under pressure as you’ve said.

            Nothing against academy players if they’re good enough. I’m a saints fan so I’ve seen plenty come through.

            Chris Sze isn’t good enough and is playing out of necessity rather than talent.

            The EggThe Egg

              Pearce hits more good crosses than he does bad ones.

              I’m not sure what role will suit Sze best. He looks too lightweight currently to be a number 9 but I’m sure they can put some muscle on him. Plus we have Magennis, Wyke and Humphrys already so we may use him as a wide man or a number 10.


              Sze isn’t an out & out or lone striker. Playing alongside a striker or behind I believe is his correct position.

              cup winnerscup winners

                He’s 19 and hes started how many ? for fcukin flying fcuks sake you’ve said he’s not good enough based on how many minutes for a kid ?. Seriously m8 your clueless.

                I would only give a judgement on a player if he’s 50+ appearances and over the age of 21
                I think it’s 3 league starts and 19 , tell me your taking the p1ss please

                And Pearce ?, he’s assisted 2 out our 5 goals and could have have 4 out of 7 bar the woodwork but you pin point the ones that fly over the top ?,

                Basically if he was putting in 10 crosses a game on the dime and we win 6-0 every week he’d be gone. But in your eyes he doesn’t hit enough on the button.

                Those crosses in that miss far outweigh those that lead to goals in your eyes, don’t fcukin want much do ya !! And no were did I ever say or make out every cross is a good one so your again talking utter saints bollocks.
                A larger proportion of his crosses are good and sometimes the recipient fcuks up so must be sh1t. Honestly you talk utter dog sh1t slating players after were we’ve been,

                Stick to rugby pal like you said you’ve seen enough of it.


                So because we’ve had shit owners we can’t comment negatively on players. No worries. Wasn’t aware of that.

                If Pearce is as good at crossing a ball as you’re saying he is then he wouldn’t be in League One playing for Wigan.

                When will people get it – the players left from last season are the ones that no fucker wanted. The good players have all left, and for peanuts.

                cup winnerscup winners

                  Look pal your boring the sh1t out of me now with this Cze and Pearce sh1t debate.

                  Your of the opinion their sh1t fair do’s and no doubt everytime Cze loses the ball and Pearce launches one in the duggy you’ll be on here with your “Told you so” so your hoping deep down inside they both play sh1te so you can jump on here and ram in down my throat, sad sack.
                  If Pearce puts 3 whipped in corners and no one gets on the end in your eyes
                  Poor ball
                  In mine
                  Poor attacking play

                  I’ll be here highlighting the good things things this season, the ball Cze puts through on a sixpence and someone scores off a Pearce cross or corner.
                  If Pearce hadn’t of been plagued by injury he’d be gone.
                  As I pointed out my opinion, I haven’t seen a better LEFT FOOTED crosser of the ball in a Latics shirt but Beausejour was good 2nd for me

                  Over to you and your negativity


                  Never once said Pearce is shit, just that he isnt a left footed version of David Beckham.

                  Beausejour who you mention was a far better crosser of a ball.

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    Yeah whatever your boring now pal

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