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    Look pal your boring the sh1t out of me now with this Cze and Pearce sh1t debate.

    Your of the opinion their sh1t fair do’s and no doubt everytime Cze loses the ball and Pearce launches one in the duggy you’ll be on here with your “Told you so” so your hoping deep down inside they both play sh1te so you can jump on here and ram in down my throat, sad sack.
    If Pearce puts 3 whipped in corners and no one gets on the end in your eyes
    Poor ball
    In mine
    Poor attacking play

    I’ll be here highlighting the good things things this season, the ball Cze puts through on a sixpence and someone scores off a Pearce cross or corner.
    If Pearce hadn’t of been plagued by injury he’d be gone.
    As I pointed out my opinion, I haven’t seen a better LEFT FOOTED crosser of the ball in a Latics shirt but Beausejour was good 2nd for me

    Over to you and your negativity