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    Just listened to Maloneys interview after the game. He played 3 at the back because they throw men forward. That is such a negative attitude to have. Burton are shit. Pick a team to go out there and rip them apart. He got it very wrong today.

    I agree about Magennis. He’s probably a really nice guy but he’s not good enough. Can’t jump can’t run and our best wingers were on the bench so he’s not gonna get any service from wide.

    Needs to find a more settled team quickly. I said at the start of the season we had brought too many players in. How many wingers do you need?


    Then we bring in Rekik and play him at full back ahead of Pearce one week and Clare the next week. He’s just a walking yellow card for me.

    Maloneys interviews before and after the game seem a bit off to me. Something just doesnt seem right. I hope I’m wrong. I really do want him to succeed after all he did for us last season and pre season.