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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      As I’ve stated loads….Magennis with no service from wide is absolutely useless. Wasted 75 mins lumping balls to him and won 1. Godo,Humps on bench ,ludicrous!!!.. Maloney is the new tinkerman…..They fully deserved to win…..we created f### all until last 5 mins. Lang worked hard but quality lacking, Adeeko rightly subbed …lucky not to get red. They were poor so where does that put us ??? Maloney shouting the praises of Magennis….f####### delusional!!!….All I’ve ever seen is him losing every challenge, easily brushed off the ball,slower than me piggy backing my missus. When do we play goaless Cheltenham???……That statistic will evaporate when we play them. Maloney needs to stop f###### around with his selections…….and do not start Magennis ever again. F####### W### performance

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          The problem is Maloney has no idea what his starting 11 is with 6 changes (1 enforced).
          His team selection is like making a pizza,just lob it all on them hope it taste nice, I’m not sure what’s our style.

          McManaman should not start for me. Time after time he turned back slowing things down. As a sub yes an impact player going past tired legs but certainly not a starter.
          As for Magennis ?, if you remember 2 seasons ago in L1 Magennis was utter sh*te. When we went up into the Championship he was very good. I’m not sure why whether he can’t play against lesser players or simply cannot stand L1 football I don’t know but we lack up front.
          I’m sorry to say but let’s see Josh Stones. Humphrys on the bench I don’t get.

          Maloney needs to stop pleasing and find a style because right now we look lost. More worrying were defending like school kids.

          MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

            Really Shaun ????….Your happy with that. 2 shots on goal in 190 mins. 1 tonight….against run of play…..F### me now I am worried.


              Just listened to Maloneys interview after the game. He played 3 at the back because they throw men forward. That is such a negative attitude to have. Burton are shit. Pick a team to go out there and rip them apart. He got it very wrong today.

              I agree about Magennis. He’s probably a really nice guy but he’s not good enough. Can’t jump can’t run and our best wingers were on the bench so he’s not gonna get any service from wide.

              Needs to find a more settled team quickly. I said at the start of the season we had brought too many players in. How many wingers do you need?


              Then we bring in Rekik and play him at full back ahead of Pearce one week and Clare the next week. He’s just a walking yellow card for me.

              Maloneys interviews before and after the game seem a bit off to me. Something just doesnt seem right. I hope I’m wrong. I really do want him to succeed after all he did for us last season and pre season.


                If he was happy with that then we really are deep in shit
                I’m really worried about the club and these new owners

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                  I lost count how many times McManaman got the ball and rather than push it or 1 – 2 with someone he simply turned and gave it back. That to me is a player who doesn’t have the legs anymore.
                  Granted he did get past the defender for a shot at goal so how slow was that Burton defender which was a ticket to run with the ball. He should be an impact player brought on to go past tired L1 players.

                  Its a far far cry from the Derby and Bolton wins which I put down to too much tinkering which is killing us. This Liam Shaw for instance, 11 weeks and that his first league start, how unfit is he ?. Granted he didn’t have a pre season but come on he’s a pro footballer what’s he been doing ?, Netflix and Go Eat ?.

                  We are a shambles at the minute, we’ve a manager hell bent on trying to please every player at the club, loan players who I’ve no doubt have contract clauses “minutes to play” and senior players to keep happy. Humphrys had been playing well then since his spat he’s out.

                  I said at the beginning of the season that I wasn’t sure Maloney (similar to Caldwell ex player syndrome) he has the experience to bring together virtually a new team and instantly gell it.

                  There’s no adhesion, no structure, no pattern to our play and we have a defence leaking goals for fun.

                  Me? while Wyke was out I would have thrown Stones up front and said “Show me what you got” then when he knackered himself out bring Magennis on. So all this youth bullsh*t has clearly gone out the window with only 1 youth player regular starting.

                  Should not start , period. Go 4 at the back and stick Shaw in front as a holding mid similar to Naylor’s role to support the back line. No1 priority right now has to be stop leaking goals currently it’s 2 a game.

                  But the one thing I’d put an end to is, the passing along the back 20 times then the foot on a stopped ball, look up, short dink to wideman who inturn gives it back then the defender lobs a Hail Mary into the corner,

                  Maloney, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t suit us it needs to end. Get the video out from the Bolton Derby games Were we all got back and broke with pace and in numbers using width as well as straight at the oppositions jugular.

                  Seriously though, if we carry on with this mishmash of football we’ll struggle to stay in L1. He has to

                  stop trying to please every player,
                  come up with a style of play,
                  Stop lobbing 40 yard crossfield balls,
                  And my pet hate is:

                  Every pass we hit is to feet rarely do you see a clever daisy cutter someone can turn and run on to, a simple pass into space so a player can run onto it without the ball having to visit the moon first.

                  The majority of our passing is to feet I know it sounds stupid my remark but every now and then a little slipped through ball into space for someone to get in behind and run on to would be nice.
                  We did it early season but now ? even the Hail Mary’s are aimed to feet

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    Keep repeating it but he constantly changing the team depending on the opposition. Over analytical. As against Derby/Bolton let teams worry about us. I really want Shaun to be a success but starting to doubt after that dross . If we can’t get crosses in from wide the dont play Magennis. I couldn’t give a toss what a leader he is on the training ground, or dressing room it’s on the pitch that matters and last night he was no use to us.The teams whole performance, Maloney’s selection,/tactics is concerning…….keep hoping things will click again but ffs…..it was Burton and he set us up as if it was a top 6 side. Stevenage????….Anyone’s guess what his 11 will be….f###### if I know!!….probably f###### if he knows….

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                      First and foremost he needs to stop conceding goals, if not he needs to concentrate on scoring 3 goals a game to win it


                        If only Tom Naylor had stayed, he would have been perfect to guide through the inexperienced lads. Would have been perfect captain.

                        Desperately missing a Naylor, Power, McClean or (god forbid) Tilt to add a bit of steel and experience.


                        Can’t add much to all the comments above :good:

                        But forget this one up front stuff and put two big strikers in and around the opposition box with at least one effective winger than can swap from left to right wings during the game !

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                          At the end of the day the buck stops at the managers door. If we had no good performances or beaten decent sides I’d say it’s the quality of the player but in our case I don’t think many would say that’s the case.

                          Maloney knew the job would be a difficult conundrum to solve but at the begining I thought “Hang on, it’s clicked” only to find out that was temporary.

                          But as I stated before, at the back is we’re all the issues are currently at. Once you start to concede the confidence of all the players drops dramatically. They start thinking “Should I go forward?”.

                          Me? I’d go 3 centre half’s and Rekik wouldn’t be one of them with wing backs. If not a straight back four but put say Shaw in front of them.
                          Then as we did early doors counter at pace.
                          Maloney has totally reversed engineered our early form and style by tinkering the t1ts out the side with so much chopping and changing players are losing any understanding between each other.


                            Playing Burton Albion away on a Tuesday night in October seems a million miles away from beating Bolton and Derby away in August. We badly need two or three old pros to help our young lads. Could do with Max Power back in midfield. Limited ability but a pain in the arse to play against at this level, James McClean also put the fear of God into opponents. It’s something we don’t have at the moment , we are too easy to play against. Just hope Sean can get it right. Still early days ,plenty of time to put things right !


                              Agree with all the intelligentcomments above, all put better than I ever could.
                              In many respects last night reminded me of the dark days of early 90s pre Whelan but at least that bunch tried and sweated for their team.
                              They are a team so lacking any feature of what we have come to expect from a team representing Wigan Athletic that I actually felt pity for Burton going in at the break somehow a goal behind.
                              Only Hughes with his incredible passing range ( wasted mostly)and Tickle came out of that with any credit and but for Tickle it may well have been 4 or 5 against.
                              One of the worst performances of the last 30 years in my view that last night.

                              cup winnerscup winners

                                If your going to do the pass pass pass routine between defenders similar to the Prem clubs do or even how Martinez did it then what’s the point of doing it a yard or two inside your own half ??.

                                The whole point of playing it out from the back i.e. around your box is to draw the opposition out therefor creating space in the middle of the park or space at the back to get in behind when your opponent decides to press a high line.

                                All’s you do when you pass it around a yard inside your own half is simply compress the play in their half even more so you achieve absolutely nothing so what do we do ?, well we then hit a 40 yard cross field ball into congested areas.

                                If we knocked it around our box drawing your opponent in and then get caught I can still see what the managers trying to achieve but right now it serves no purpose at all passing a dozen times along the half way line except starve your forward of any service.

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