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    If your going to do the pass pass pass routine between defenders similar to the Prem clubs do or even how Martinez did it then what’s the point of doing it a yard or two inside your own half ??.

    The whole point of playing it out from the back i.e. around your box is to draw the opposition out therefor creating space in the middle of the park or space at the back to get in behind when your opponent decides to press a high line.

    All’s you do when you pass it around a yard inside your own half is simply compress the play in their half even more so you achieve absolutely nothing so what do we do ?, well we then hit a 40 yard cross field ball into congested areas.

    If we knocked it around our box drawing your opponent in and then get caught I can still see what the managers trying to achieve but right now it serves no purpose at all passing a dozen times along the half way line except starve your forward of any service.