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    Bollocks to sacking him. As stated by CW there’s a decent team there and he just needs selection consistency. No one can deny we’ve had some unbelievably chronic refereeing that saps the players during each game and constant swapping his 11 doesn’t build any positional relationships. What kind of reward is for a player (Godo) against Portsmouth does well and finds himself benched 3 days later??. This is league 1,not Champions League so stop over analysing the opposition and then tinkering. Knewif we lost spine of our team(Wyke, Smith, Hughes)we’d be f##### ,particularly midfield so losing 2 has a big impact . Shaw and Smith (When he returns) should be fixture and given time to bond.Up front a worry cos if he continually opts for Magennis as a back up then we are f@@@@@. At some point he really needs to take a gamble on Josh Stones cos this embargo means unless a striker available free or on loan in the window then he’s no options. Another international break where I always think Maloney can take a step back,rethink the tactics/selections/and style of play…….each return from the break nothing changes. Been on the expensive manager merry-go-round………didn’t work then…..