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    Nothing worse than ex pro as managers Cook proved this rarely giving any young lads a sniff always perfecting old pros experience been the key bullsh1t word.

    They’ll always lean on the side of experience but the young lads hold no fear and double the energy levels. You only had to look at Stones legging it back 40 yards to slide tackle a guy in our half something Wyke or Magennis are not prepared to do.

    I’ve been screaming for years about the cost of the olders players coming here on their last big payday and us falling for it.
    We need to make this a place young lads wanna come to similar to Blackburn I mean, how the hell can you attract young lads if they see they’ve no chance of eventually breaking through.

    The bit that annoys me is, are these young loanees any better than our own ?. Why are they gaining experience at Latics when we’ve half a dozen chompin at the bit ???.

    Makes no sense what so ever, if Maloney thinks their any better he needs a massive head wobble while on The Waltzer