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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      On Josh Stones…..Maloney singing his praises and statement like “Josh (Magennis) has also had big impacts off the bench, scoring at Blackpool, and his performances at Burton and Stevenage were very good”….Really?….Totally ineffective at both Burton and Stevenage .The league table now worrying…..Burton a certainty for relegation??? 3 straight wins and now 13th. Time for Maloney to stop pissing around with his selections. Doesn’t matter his age ,if he’s earned his chance then start him. Magennis has had plenty opportunities and delivers very little. Stones has pace,physically strong and that youthfulness to want to play every game. We have limited resources in that position so let’s give him a go. Humphreys needs to start every game as he seems to be only player to create something out of zilch. The same applies to Godo. I’ve absolutely no confidence that if we go again with Magennis at Exeter that we’ll come back with anything other than another defeat.


        I agree, Josh Sto es definitely needs to be starting or first option to come on from the bench.

        As much as we say we’ve an inexperienced team, it’s the experienced players that are letting us down.

        cup winnerscup winners

          Personally I don’t think we should start him more like wean him in with regular appearances from off the bench. He needs those valuable minutes to improve and grow up quickly.
          We have 2 forwards who are good for 70minutes if your lucky so it time to practise what you preached about dipping more into the youth system.

          Why tf do we always get managers the likes of Cook Richardson Maloney were they prefer not to use our own young lads and prefer to loan some other clubs young lads and give “them” game time and experience I just don’t get it.

          We’ve just been resurrected at the last minute and still overlook our own. This sends one message out to the young lads:-

          “You’ve no chance”


            Stones in for sure and not the odd 5 minutes here and there, Lang on the wing and tell him to keep his trap shut, after the second half against Fleetwood why not try Humphrys in the number 10 role I’m sure he would love that, wasted hugging the touch line for most of the game.

            Fuck the EFL

            cup winnerscup winners

              Maloney has to change this awful sideway passing on the half way line followed by 40 yard cross field balls why tf he persists with it is totally beyond me. J.Jones had a good game against Fleetwood hopefully he can maintain that form as it’s exactly what we need, an attacking wideman and balls into the danger area but Ive a feeling it was a one off and an injury is waiting round the corner for him.

              But before we think about scoring that back line needs a total makeover, although I think Hughes will become a top player there’s too much on his shoulders at such a young age. I just do not know how we solve the defensive issue other than coaching as its a total shambles at the moment and I’m not over impressed with Clare’s recent form I could go past him.


                I agree with everything Mr Brownbill has said. I go to most of the u21 home games so have seen the young lads play regular. Sometimes they are up against teams with first teamers in coming back from injury etc. and they are a joy to watch.
                I would say at least 5 or 6 of them are ready to be weaned into the first team squad. Stones, Adams, Mitchell, Sze, McHue and Chentouff. With 2 or 3 more chomping at the bit. You only have to look at the impact Hughes has made to see that gambling with these young lads can pay off.
                If only 1 or 2 of them become regular starters then its worth the risk.
                What’s the use of Maloney singing their praises but yet not giving them a chance.?
                Stones in before Magennis is a no brainer for me. The lad is frighteningly good at giving center halves a good old roughing up.

                From Matlock to ManU
                What a journey!

                cup winnerscup winners

                  Nothing worse than ex pro as managers Cook proved this rarely giving any young lads a sniff always perfecting old pros experience been the key bullsh1t word.

                  They’ll always lean on the side of experience but the young lads hold no fear and double the energy levels. You only had to look at Stones legging it back 40 yards to slide tackle a guy in our half something Wyke or Magennis are not prepared to do.

                  I’ve been screaming for years about the cost of the olders players coming here on their last big payday and us falling for it.
                  We need to make this a place young lads wanna come to similar to Blackburn I mean, how the hell can you attract young lads if they see they’ve no chance of eventually breaking through.

                  The bit that annoys me is, are these young loanees any better than our own ?. Why are they gaining experience at Latics when we’ve half a dozen chompin at the bit ???.

                  Makes no sense what so ever, if Maloney thinks their any better he needs a massive head wobble while on The Waltzer

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    So pleased with the 3pts and only saw the highlights but have a friend who went .His simple assessment was we were extremely fortunate.That said he did say some of the defending was bodies on the line stuff but on another day that performance would have ended with a defeat. Gary Caldwells statement was damning of Wigans style of play and timewasting …..”It’s not the club that I knew, it’s not the way I knew that club plays.

                    “They were very slow, every single player went down at least once, and they were very clever in their approach.

                    “All credit to them, it’s not the way I’d want to win a game, doing that so early, so clearly and so blatantly.

                    “But that’s the referee’s job, he has to stop that happening, and he didn’t.”……..We really have to improve with 3 home games in 7days and the gap to Northampton and above starting at 5 points. Our midfield in totally inefective and with no Smith yet then it will be very difficult 3 games.

                    cup winnerscup winners

                      I didn’t go but watched it we were extremely lucky only Exeter been sh*t in the final 3rd saved us.
                      Play like that every week we will lose more than we win it’s poor.

                      It’s nothing more than a footballing plaster over an open wound, we have to improve. Tuesday will tell us were we stand right now

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