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MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

    So pleased with the 3pts and only saw the highlights but have a friend who went .His simple assessment was we were extremely fortunate.That said he did say some of the defending was bodies on the line stuff but on another day that performance would have ended with a defeat. Gary Caldwells statement was damning of Wigans style of play and timewasting …..”It’s not the club that I knew, it’s not the way I knew that club plays.

    “They were very slow, every single player went down at least once, and they were very clever in their approach.

    “All credit to them, it’s not the way I’d want to win a game, doing that so early, so clearly and so blatantly.

    “But that’s the referee’s job, he has to stop that happening, and he didn’t.”……..We really have to improve with 3 home games in 7days and the gap to Northampton and above starting at 5 points. Our midfield in totally inefective and with no Smith yet then it will be very difficult 3 games.