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    Were winning and how we get it isn’t a concern right now just getting away from this bottom 4 is. How the fcuk we’ve got 6 points 4 goals and 2 clean sheets from our last 2 games is beyond me.

    There’s definitely a feud between Maloney and Wyke no shadow of a doubt but let’s not draw conclusions until we know the truth.
    Similar to Humphrys when he was recently dropped there’s behind doors rules and players have to adhere to them if not you lose discipline and players rule the roost.
    At the end of the day the manager has 3 forwards to choose from with in reality only 2 spots up for grabs and then throw in Humphrys who’s also just proved he can can play that forward roll with his solo effort and strike so someone is going to miss out. It might be a simple case of dummy spitting.
    Tbh I don’t know, to me it’s like a home made stew and the ingredients don’t look right but it don’t half taste good when it’s all lobbed in.
    I personally feel our right side looks weak and Oxford targeted that but with not much luck as they were poor all evening. Jones looks like a Wigan version of Benjamin Button while Shaw is doing a Tominay impression as his long lost brother.
    I still feel the playing out from the back at every opportunity will be our undoing. You cannot get away with it everytime at this level and I’m sure it will cost us points. On more than one occasion last night we nearly came unstuck.

    Am I moaning ? of course but am I complaining ? definitely not just as long as the points keep rolling in. It’s a style of play plaudits won’t like or understand but at least as I have been whining about,
    For now we’ve stopped leaking goals