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    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

      1st half chasing the ball for large parts also continued to give ball away cheaply. 2nd period was excellent still out possessed but looked threatening in possession. Made up for Lang…should lift his confidence. Jones played well as did Shaw……all in all massive result….didn’t understand the 1st substitution but thing panned out well for once. Negative for me is still Aasgaard….doesn’t contribute enough for me and with his ability I expect more now he can’t be classed as a novice. Stones undoubtedly our future striker….the forward line will surely revolve around him, looks to have it all in his locker.
      Wyke???….was he injured????…..Well done to Shaun ,6 points and now let’s bag another 6 in 7 days.


        Just watched Maloney’s post match interview and he said he had to leave Wyke out due to the form of the other number 9’s. Josh Magennis, really????

        From Matlock to ManU
        What a journey!


        Stones has a look of Shearer about him or is that the warming glass of Shiraz? Tickle destined for higher places as well

        Seriously good result that toneet following on from Exeter.

        First 15 min it did look like 2nd v 21st but a goal changes a game. Decent ref as well which is a novelty this season!

        Didn’t it look so much brighter with all the artificial lights in use? I think Danson has a few more 50p’s for the meter than the Bahrainian Bandits :yahoo:


          Maloney’s love for Magennis is gonna come back and bite him. On no planet is Magennis a better option than Wyke.

          Wyke already posting slight digs on his twitter/instagram. Team spirit looks really good but there’s definitely something simmering between Maloney and Wyke that we don’t know about.

          Good performance tonight, especially 2nd half.

          MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

            Surely Maloney taking the piss concerning Wyke ?….What manager leaves his top scorer out ? Particularly a team struggling. Got to be another reason.

            cup winnerscup winners

              Were winning and how we get it isn’t a concern right now just getting away from this bottom 4 is. How the fcuk we’ve got 6 points 4 goals and 2 clean sheets from our last 2 games is beyond me.

              There’s definitely a feud between Maloney and Wyke no shadow of a doubt but let’s not draw conclusions until we know the truth.
              Similar to Humphrys when he was recently dropped there’s behind doors rules and players have to adhere to them if not you lose discipline and players rule the roost.
              At the end of the day the manager has 3 forwards to choose from with in reality only 2 spots up for grabs and then throw in Humphrys who’s also just proved he can can play that forward roll with his solo effort and strike so someone is going to miss out. It might be a simple case of dummy spitting.
              Tbh I don’t know, to me it’s like a home made stew and the ingredients don’t look right but it don’t half taste good when it’s all lobbed in.
              I personally feel our right side looks weak and Oxford targeted that but with not much luck as they were poor all evening. Jones looks like a Wigan version of Benjamin Button while Shaw is doing a Tominay impression as his long lost brother.
              I still feel the playing out from the back at every opportunity will be our undoing. You cannot get away with it everytime at this level and I’m sure it will cost us points. On more than one occasion last night we nearly came unstuck.

              Am I moaning ? of course but am I complaining ? definitely not just as long as the points keep rolling in. It’s a style of play plaudits won’t like or understand but at least as I have been whining about,
              For now we’ve stopped leaking goals

              cup winnerscup winners

                What I should have said is, it’s not so much the playing it out from the back that bothers me is the speed we do it at. It’s like we’re trying to set up traps for the opposition to commit but let’s face it, we don’t have the calibre of player to play that way.
                Oh and don’t forget the 3 brilliant saves Tickle made or we could be on here moaning 2 points dropped


                  At least the penny has dropped that instead of playing billy big time that they are in a relegation battle and that realisation was certainly on show during the game against a very good side.
                  Tickle was superb last night and i saw enough of Stones in the small amount of time he was on the pitch to suggest he will feature very strongly in this team from now on.
                  The intensity has certainly been stepped up , expecting a climb up the table in next few weeks if they continue to play like that.

                  MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                    Still shaking my head that Maloney prefers Magennis to one of league 1s top marksmen….whose still up there after missing 3 games !!!!.!F@@@ me making him club captain must guarantee him a place…Ive seen enoughof him to know who I’d prefer every time……farcical!!!!


                      Magennis will be gone next year .. total lack of the ‘ graft’ he purports to exude ..WANKER ..hopefully our team will be an exciting , enthusiastic , entertaining one . I know that some are not ‘ our players ‘ fully , but I think the seeds are being sown towards sustainability and crap like him are finished . Special shout-out for Adeeko btw :yahoo:

                      cup winnerscup winners

                        Tbh for what we pay Wyke and Magennis the return is fooking awful, I personally think their as bad as each other.
                        Wyke blows either super hot or polar bear nads cold.

                        Wyke doesn’t do enough off the ball and we don’t have the quality and the luxury to have someone there just to nod it in we don’t have that quality.
                        We need a team of grafters and Stones offers far more off the ball than them two even Humphrys puts a shift in off the ball.

                        Is it a coincidence that, our last two games we’ve kept clean sheets and scored 4 goals without him ?.
                        Fair do’s to Maloney, I said getting rid of maloney was not the answer when others begged for blood. It just needed him to be brave in his choices and change things which he certainly has so my hat goes off to him.

                        I can’t say he’s turned it around we’ve an awful long way to go but at least he’s shown he’s not scared to drop bigwigs.

                        The sooner the Wykes and Magennis’s on big bucks have gone the better, were a club who can’t carry big earners

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