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    Tbh for what we pay Wyke and Magennis the return is fooking awful, I personally think their as bad as each other.
    Wyke blows either super hot or polar bear nads cold.

    Wyke doesn’t do enough off the ball and we don’t have the quality and the luxury to have someone there just to nod it in we don’t have that quality.
    We need a team of grafters and Stones offers far more off the ball than them two even Humphrys puts a shift in off the ball.

    Is it a coincidence that, our last two games we’ve kept clean sheets and scored 4 goals without him ?.
    Fair do’s to Maloney, I said getting rid of maloney was not the answer when others begged for blood. It just needed him to be brave in his choices and change things which he certainly has so my hat goes off to him.

    I can’t say he’s turned it around we’ve an awful long way to go but at least he’s shown he’s not scared to drop bigwigs.

    The sooner the Wykes and Magennis’s on big bucks have gone the better, were a club who can’t carry big earners