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    Not sure what was going through his head tonight but he got it oh so wrong. This Saturdays FA Cup was the time to change things up but he decided to do it in a League game not sure why other than to rest players.
    I’m sorry to say this but Wykes gone, he might get 15 elsewere if he’s been peppered in the 6 yard box but how many forwards wouldn’t ?. He no longer offers anything and I’m sorry but he’d be 4th choice till he leaves simply his best years are behind him.

    The manager needs to stop thinking he’s Pep and start his best 11 then FA Cup change all 11 as far as I’m concerned.

    A total lack of managerial experience came to the forefront tonight with Maloney’s choice of his starting 11. One big positive is Godo what a gem of a gem of a player he is. 2 assist and for me he totally changed the game. Never once did he say away from taking anyone one.

    I hope he doesn’t play the 2nd half 11 this Sat especially with another Tuesday game, if he does he needs a strong head wobbling session