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    There’s a long haul this Saturday and tbh it’s not important to us. This is were you consentrate on the League then rest players who’ll get a full week to recover so what he’s does is used everyone for 45 minutes.
    So after that first half does he go with the same 1st half team after that 1st half performance or does he go with the 2nd half team with another league game next Tuesday?.
    He’s basically made it so no matter what he won’t get it right. Had we played the same squad as the past few weeks and won then lost this Sat after changes I don’t think many would disagree with our priorities.

    If a manager can’t get a simple plan like that right and rest players at the right time I fear for us.

    I can only think he thought, these guys haven’t won away. I bet Wyke and Lang are more p1ssed now been taken off than they’ve ever been, he’s just made it that bit worse