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    Just had a thought ,maybe they want a cup run for financial reasons, a big away draw in the 3rd round can mean a massive cash boost although chances are very slim of getting this based on past experiences.
    The team he has is more than good enough to pull away from trouble but he has some dead wood rooting to do in the new year and i think moving one or two out would be the best thing if he can.
    Id play a weakened team tomorrow and make sure the main players are in on tuesday , league one status is far more important than cup runs this year as far as i am concerned as a drop to league 2 would be disastrous for the club.
    League 1 is the best place to be and i will happily take a few years of consolidation and transition and some good youth players developed as opposed to short term success.
    It took Whelan 8 years to build the club up for the championship when he purchased in 1995 and i have a feeling we may have to be patient and accept we have many years ahead in the lower divisions before the club can build steam up again.
    The odd cup run and local derby wins here and that is all i am expecting over the next few years.
    Could easily be getting ready tomorrow for a trip to Holker Old Boys if things had gone the wrong way a few months ago.