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Just got back from York brew and a phone flick and to be honest we got a result which was about as positive a view I can give.
But it seems Maloneys back to this pile of dog sh*t play it along the back 30 times then launch it.
J.Jones is back to run 3yrd turn back while the rest couldn’t string 2 passes together.
Like I said the positive was we won the 2 negatives
Back to Martinesque style football and Bolton’s now a midweek game.
If you build on your performances then we’d be lucky get out the footings.

Why do players insist on fcukin passin when there’s half of Haigh Hall to run into !!!???.
2 strides pass regardless if there’s opposition pressure. The few times Jones and Hughes moved forward “With” the ball York basically opened up.

Honestly that style of football doesn’t suit the players we have. Let’s hope the 3rd round gives us someone easy because a big Prem would tear our pants down and dry football bum us if we play like that well especially the first half

It wasn’t a case of Maloney reverting to the dire long ball crap. It was more a case of a very defensive set up by York which we found hard to break down. Godo & Jones were phenomenal the other night, yet hardly got a sniff last night. I thought from very early on that the game was going to be decided by the one goal.