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    If I were LR I’d be looking to get away in the summer. Either throw some trust in him, or let him go somewhere else.

    Robinson’s contracts up June 30th 2024, I’m sure this has made his mind up, he will always be 2nd best. we have 14 players (including Chambers) out of contact or loans up this summer. Now based on, we couldn’t afford to pay Weirs loan wages reportedly £1500 a week this summer will be a shambles of the highest order especially with Football Chairman and less scouts that Little Big Horn at the club right now.

    I caught a glimpse of a link on here while replying :-

    Mike Danson and Wigan Athletic – A new Whelan era?

    Id say similar, two tight arse fcukers but at least Whelan had a vision and a plan and stuck to it.