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    The bit I don’t get is, come next season we’ll have no left back. Chambers will be gone and I don’t think we’ll renew Pearce’s contact due to wage restructuring within the club.

    I can only think the reason he’s been let go is, Robinson is a defender and this doesn’t suit Maloney who prefers wingbacks someone to get up and down the touchline.
    But, I seem to remember Boycie coming to the club as an out and out defender before he was converted to play the wingback and for a good few years (before his legs went) he played that position brilliantly.

    For me there’s no way he should be let go. Next year we’ll be scabby eyed hunting for a left back, someone cheap, cheap wages and good. The same goes for Lang.lets not forget, next season we’ll be playing L1 football run on a shoe string wage budget.
    And if we let young Scotty Smith go as well it will make a mockery of our new age plan bringing home grown through with Robinson Lang & Smith potentially all leaving this summer.
    Rather than using money to buy players why not keep what you got and pay less out ??