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    I feel your anger and I agree with alot of what you said but I think Stevenage were a well drilled decent outfit with fire power.
    Right now we’re readable. Managers are coming here with a high press knowing we’ll eventually f**k up.

    The short corners has now manifested into short free kicks with the same result, f**k all.

    I’m not one for blaming refs be he was embarrassingly bad today. The level of refereeing in this League is awful.
    But our biggest issue is

    We do not have a forward, we have no threat up front we have a powder puff attacking forward line.
    It’s ok saying Magennis is good for the young lads but at the end of the day he’s paid to play football and score goals not chaperone a load of kids like a reception teacher.

    Humphrys Wyke and Magennis, our 3 forwards have scored exactly 19 goals in 73 appearances between them which is abysmal.

    If we hadn’t have been through 2 lots of admin and a transfer embargo I’d be screaming from the roof tops but reality sets in and tbh I always thought staying in the division is No1 priority but Maloney doesn’t help himself. This playing out from the back regardless is dangerous and at times darn stupid.

    I personally feel that if we had one hungry forward, someone that our players can focus on the play offs wouldn’t be beyond us but without this
    Lot we’ve more chance of platting diarrhea