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    Aasgaards name was mentioned, I thought he was very poor today then he pops up with a goal. But the thing is, he has to do more in the other 89 minutes otherwise today happens again.

    And why the f**k did Smith come off?? I thought him and Jones were our best 2 from a bad bunch.

    My biggest gripe was sending Stones out on loan when were struggling for goals. We’d have lost nothing giving him 10-15minutes here. He then starts scoring and gets crocked.

    Now we’ve lost the lad for God knows how long an absolute master stroke by Maloney.

    I’ll then point back to Maloney’s remark about Magennis and how he offers so much behind the scenes and there’s me thinking he’s a forward and he’s here to score how wrong I was.

    For me Maloney’s already instilled in the players it’s all about possession so if you go forward and in doubt go back or sideways.
    We are junk at going forward. We do not possess players with pace who can play off a defenders shoulder not a one.
    Humphrys? Again he thinks he can take a team in solo and always gets it took off him.

    I’m sorry but there’s 6-7 players who I hope are not retained because they are not good enough. If we go with Magennis up front next season cause he’s good for the changing room we are well and truly dry bummed next season