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    I’ll reserve judgement on Kelman till I’ve seen him a few times which means I won’t ever get chance to have an opinion.

    Were the fcuk is this Luke Brennan we signed from Blackburn a highly promising young lad. He’s been with us 18 months fcukin months only to be sent out on loan were in 10 appearances he recently had 5 assists and 2 goals which ain’t to bad at all.
    But the best bit he can play both wings.

    Now he’s 23 this year so he’s no kid and he stood out in our pre season friendly at Morecambe loads who saw him that day were impressed with his energy.

    We’ve recalled him back to the club at the beginning of this Jan so come on Maloney give the fcukin lad a chance or at least mention his name.

    Get rid of £10k a week Jordan Jones and give this lad a chance. It looks like we have another manager who prefers the aging pro and will always think their not ready.

    But at some point like in every walk of life you need to be taken out your comfort zone and thrown in, you soon learn to fend for yourself.

    I’m watching Klopp tonight against Chelsea, he doesn’t wait for the lesser Cup games, he bloods the young lads in huge Prem games.

    Why the fcuk do we always get managers who hold the young players back ? I should really say, hold our home grown signed players back?.

    First Cook then Richardson now Maloney. We do have a young side granted but we need to push on, slash the wage bill and try to develope an academy to die for were kids and begging to come to because they can see the door to 1st team football and progression.

    Let’s not forget, Richardson had Charlie Hughes but it was Toure who threw him in due to injuries but Toure spotted the talent and I bet Toure thought, time to learn young man here you go, kill it. I think Hughes would have been sent out on loan had Maloney took over straight from Richardson.

    We’ve lads like Luke Robinson that we easily get in our side so let’s see the Maloney and stop fcukin around will you.
    Is Kelman any better than Cze ? So why is he gaining experience at the expense of our young lads?.

    I’m stumped I honestly am. I don’t get it. No wonder Lang fcuked off. He was slowly been pushed out the picture but Maloney was quick to point out in his first comment:-

    “Lang had had as much game time as any other player”
    Now to me that’s a strange 1st comment to make. You only mention that if that subject had been previously brought up elsewhere, probably behind closed doors between Lang and himself. I’d say that’s a guilty conscience remark by our manager who slowly lessened his game time just to enough to make Lang reassess his Wigan future