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    cup winnerscup winners

      I said it a while back,

      If there’s ever a blueprint for Mr Danson to follow, look up the road, 19 years of age 39 appearances up to £22million.
      We need to stop paying stupid wages I mean look at Kerr one of the big earners. Bad luck saw him injured for 14 months then what happens ? linked with Aberdeen and out of contract in the summer.We’ve spent a small fortune on him with zero return or even input. Granted bad luck but if we didn’t sign him or the likes of him we don’t suffer.

      Let’s see any money invested straight into the youth system, get rid of every big earner and let’s start raiding Utd City Liverpool and Everton 4 of the biggest clubs in Europe all within 20miles of us.

      Time to invest and cheery pick the leftovers


        What did the ‘ Scousers ‘ ever do for us ..Newell Jewell Rogers .Corrigan, Gore King. Kelly, Daley, Fairclough , Beesley, Baines , Hinnegan , anymore ??? :scratch:

        MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

          Correct…..Rovers continually bring academy players through then sell for big returns. Let’s see what kind of fees we eventually get when we sell Hughes,Tickle. Striker signed on loan Charlie Kelman from Qpr. Career seems to have stalled and upto now averages a Fortune-esq 1 goal every 8 games. Makes the Stones loan even more ridiculous!!!

          cup winnerscup winners

            I’ll reserve judgement on Kelman till I’ve seen him a few times which means I won’t ever get chance to have an opinion.

            Were the fcuk is this Luke Brennan we signed from Blackburn a highly promising young lad. He’s been with us 18 months fcukin months only to be sent out on loan were in 10 appearances he recently had 5 assists and 2 goals which ain’t to bad at all.
            But the best bit he can play both wings.

            Now he’s 23 this year so he’s no kid and he stood out in our pre season friendly at Morecambe loads who saw him that day were impressed with his energy.

            We’ve recalled him back to the club at the beginning of this Jan so come on Maloney give the fcukin lad a chance or at least mention his name.

            Get rid of £10k a week Jordan Jones and give this lad a chance. It looks like we have another manager who prefers the aging pro and will always think their not ready.

            But at some point like in every walk of life you need to be taken out your comfort zone and thrown in, you soon learn to fend for yourself.

            I’m watching Klopp tonight against Chelsea, he doesn’t wait for the lesser Cup games, he bloods the young lads in huge Prem games.

            Why the fcuk do we always get managers who hold the young players back ? I should really say, hold our home grown signed players back?.

            First Cook then Richardson now Maloney. We do have a young side granted but we need to push on, slash the wage bill and try to develope an academy to die for were kids and begging to come to because they can see the door to 1st team football and progression.

            Let’s not forget, Richardson had Charlie Hughes but it was Toure who threw him in due to injuries but Toure spotted the talent and I bet Toure thought, time to learn young man here you go, kill it. I think Hughes would have been sent out on loan had Maloney took over straight from Richardson.

            We’ve lads like Luke Robinson that we easily get in our side so let’s see the Maloney and stop fcukin around will you.
            Is Kelman any better than Cze ? So why is he gaining experience at the expense of our young lads?.

            I’m stumped I honestly am. I don’t get it. No wonder Lang fcuked off. He was slowly been pushed out the picture but Maloney was quick to point out in his first comment:-

            “Lang had had as much game time as any other player”
            Now to me that’s a strange 1st comment to make. You only mention that if that subject had been previously brought up elsewhere, probably behind closed doors between Lang and himself. I’d say that’s a guilty conscience remark by our manager who slowly lessened his game time just to enough to make Lang reassess his Wigan future


              Have to keep bringing young players through but supporters being patient is another thing.
              Lose a couple these days and people start screaming for a management change.
              When a club is in transition like Latics are at the moment you probably will get several seasons of mid table and plenty of mediocrity.
              Alex Fergusons Man Utd model of the mid eighties had three seasons like this whilst he sorted out the failing youth policy.
              Everybody needs to be patient and enjoy the wind when they come but understand there is a far better bigger picture.
              Tickle , Thelo and Charlie were the best players again yesterday and all of them home grown.
              Have to stay with it long term , future is bright I think.

              cup winnerscup winners

                I think this time round we’ll be financially pushed into playing more and more of the younger lads.

                Look Im not advocating a u21s side playing first team football that will never work but we’ve one or two who aren’t getting a fair crack of the whip.

                The thing is, we cannot go into stupid debt ever again so the moaners who might prefer older experienced players need to look at the wages older players command.

                It will take us 2-3 seasons to recover on and off the field from back to back administrations. I think this summer will be an eye watering low budget for Maloney I heard £3million for the whole squads wage bill.

                If we had 22 players on £3k a week average (some higher, some lower) that’s were we’ll be but if thats what it takes to get this club back on an even keel then so be it.

                Never forget we were weeks away from disappearing for good and the name Wigan Athletic lost forever.

                My point is, we need to invest in the youth system, period and they need to be played. I’m sure a fair chunk of Adam Wharton’s fee will be reinvested so the can bring a few more through. If you can command a decent fee every 2-3 seasons for a young lad then it’s served it’s purpose.

                The one thing that fcuked my right off was the sale of the training facility for an absolute disgraceful amount of money all’s because admin were pals at Leeds, fcukin cnuts


                Yes that training ground stunt, smacks of a brown envelope in the car park.
                We were taken to the cleaners and it wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny if investigated :negative:

                cup winnerscup winners

                  It was disgusting, it wasn’t even put up for sale it was handed to him for peanuts. I bet real estate it was worth more. We were dry bummed on that deal.

                  I kinda get the selling of the kids etc but we should have got far far more than we did for the training facility. That fat smelly looking admin cnut is best m8s with Ridsdale.

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