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    Humphrys isn’t our best chance for goals he’s are only chance. I like him but he needs to stop the the First Gump, Roy of the Rovers type runs everytime he’s on the ball.

    I’m a big advocate of taking a man on to draw players out and that sometimes it’s better to run with the ball rather than pass for the sake of passing. But Humphrys needs to stop trying to take on 4-5 men and then come unstuck. There’s a time and a place for it and his decision making needs to improve.

    There’s an absolute brilliant recent short interview clip doing the turns with Neil Warnock, he talks abouts teams playing it out from the back.

    He basically says he’s sick to death of watching clubs trying it when they don’t have the players to do it and constantly come unstuck.

    Only problem with his interview was, he should have used us as an example.