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      I think that’s the last we’ve seen of him. I’m not sure wtf Maloney is doing letting him go when we’ve let Lang go and lost Stones to injury.
      Now I’m no big fan of Wyke but on his day he can produce the goods. We’ve seen the odd rare flashing glimpse of what he capable of but for me his time at Wigan has been an absolute waste of money.

      You know what he’ll do Saturday
      Cross double Lang & Wyke anytime goal scorers double.

      So we’re left with Magennis AKA Mr Maggoo and Stephen “Forest Gump” Humphrys. So all’s we need to do is get the rest of the team chip in with 4-5 goals each.

      This is a very dangerous tactic. alls it takes is a few losses against lower opposition in and around you and your back in the mixer.

      As someone pointed out were like fine yacht without a rudder. The lack of leadership in the boardroom is worrying, no scouts, experienced players leaving in the mist of battle ?.
      Get the double undies on chaps I don’t think one pair will be enough with how this season’s gonna go, the turtles head will be more like a rhinoceros’s charging through your keks


        Stoke released Dwight Gayle late on tonight. For a moment I thought “hmmm I wonder?”

        Then I realised, we’ve more chance of signing Gail Platt.

        Intrigued to see what Kelman is like. I also think we may have made a mistake getting shut of Lang AND Wyke. Magennis is the staggering thing. Lumbered with a striker who hardly scores and yet is on a big wedge. I’ve heard Maloney labelled a ‘defensive manager’. I don’t quite get it, because he was an attacking player.

        No idea how this season will play out, to be honest.

        MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

          Shows something definitely amiss with Maloneys relationship with Wyke. Starts ,get 3 match ban then vanishes to return eventually as a bit part player. Still believe Humps is our best goal hope he just needs knuckle down and not drift in/out. F### me ,no wa anyone was coming in for Magennis and I have a horrible feeling he could be offered a new short term contract !….Hope the Kelman proves to be shrewd move……not a clue what starting 11 or what set up we’ll go with Saturday…Cue the Maloney tombola team selection!!…Wyke, I can understand if things had soured…..Lang….a mistake….

          cup winnerscup winners

            Humphrys isn’t our best chance for goals he’s are only chance. I like him but he needs to stop the the First Gump, Roy of the Rovers type runs everytime he’s on the ball.

            I’m a big advocate of taking a man on to draw players out and that sometimes it’s better to run with the ball rather than pass for the sake of passing. But Humphrys needs to stop trying to take on 4-5 men and then come unstuck. There’s a time and a place for it and his decision making needs to improve.

            There’s an absolute brilliant recent short interview clip doing the turns with Neil Warnock, he talks abouts teams playing it out from the back.

            He basically says he’s sick to death of watching clubs trying it when they don’t have the players to do it and constantly come unstuck.

            Only problem with his interview was, he should have used us as an example.

            cup winnerscup winners

              Wyke & Lang to score anytime today 16/1 double

              It’s written in the stars


                I liked both players , Lang for his work rate and Wyke more for the fact that he had had the good fortune to be back on the pitch after his health scare.
                They both will do well with their new starts and Latics are a lot weaker without them both I think.
                Both had issues with form but both very capable of scoring goals.

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