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    I think this time round we’ll be financially pushed into playing more and more of the younger lads.

    Look Im not advocating a u21s side playing first team football that will never work but we’ve one or two who aren’t getting a fair crack of the whip.

    The thing is, we cannot go into stupid debt ever again so the moaners who might prefer older experienced players need to look at the wages older players command.

    It will take us 2-3 seasons to recover on and off the field from back to back administrations. I think this summer will be an eye watering low budget for Maloney I heard £3million for the whole squads wage bill.

    If we had 22 players on £3k a week average (some higher, some lower) that’s were we’ll be but if thats what it takes to get this club back on an even keel then so be it.

    Never forget we were weeks away from disappearing for good and the name Wigan Athletic lost forever.

    My point is, we need to invest in the youth system, period and they need to be played. I’m sure a fair chunk of Adam Wharton’s fee will be reinvested so the can bring a few more through. If you can command a decent fee every 2-3 seasons for a young lad then it’s served it’s purpose.

    The one thing that fcuked my right off was the sale of the training facility for an absolute disgraceful amount of money all’s because admin were pals at Leeds, fcukin cnuts