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MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

    1st half shocking….all down to you Shaun. Continually starts Magennis,F### me ,he must train like a beast !!!Cos I can’t think of a side in this league he’d start in. When we have Kelman now who looked mobile and pacy.. Humphreys must be the new Wyke…off Shauns Christmas card list.Does Magennis ever win a header ? Does he ever win anything? Goode didn’t impress,Aasgard from sublime to dog shit …forgot he was on pitch. The passing around the back was painful to watch!! Teams press us and we are screwed . Baba struggling. Clare dreadful again. 2nd half improved J Smith did well but guaranteed to be bench warming next game.Yes goals deflected but the 1st half was where we lost it….a wasted 45 mins…..took us till 50 mins to start having a go…..