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      Sorry, but that was awful.

      Terrible all over, shocking tactics and selection. Exeter were much sharper than us. Our corners and set pieces are awful..which is a surprise given Maloney, of all people, knows what can be had from a good corner… :unsure:

      There are players playing and I really hope I never see them in a Latics shirt again…but I likely will do. Magennis, Clare, Godo. Shocking. How is Magennis club captain? Goode was awful too, and Chambers performances have nose-dived. Scot Smith was the best of an awful, awful bunch. Kelman looks pacy…should have started..but no, we were lumbered with Magennis. Whats the deal with Humphreys? Do he and Maloney not get on?

      Not good enough, Maloney. If it were up to me, you’d have your P45 tonight. But we haven’t even got a board to make that decision. The Club as it is, is a joke. “Lucky we’ve got a club! Blah blah blah”. How long are we going to say that for? It’s a shitshow of club.

      Not all will agree, but that’s my opinion. Look around the ground, the ‘crowds’ are dwindling. I’m already swerving that Cheltenham game…cant be bothered on a Friday night, and in two minds about Bolton. Can see them coming and walking all over us…again…can I be bothered? That Cheltenham game will be smallest crowd of the season, I have no doubt.


        Only joke is you “Vat69”

        So predictable


          Ha ha if you accept that as a performance, then you must have shit in
          Shit in your eyes!

          Enjoy the 5k you’ll have v Cheltenham. :yahoo:

          MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

            1st half shocking….all down to you Shaun. Continually starts Magennis,F### me ,he must train like a beast !!!Cos I can’t think of a side in this league he’d start in. When we have Kelman now who looked mobile and pacy.. Humphreys must be the new Wyke…off Shauns Christmas card list.Does Magennis ever win a header ? Does he ever win anything? Goode didn’t impress,Aasgard from sublime to dog shit …forgot he was on pitch. The passing around the back was painful to watch!! Teams press us and we are screwed . Baba struggling. Clare dreadful again. 2nd half improved J Smith did well but guaranteed to be bench warming next game.Yes goals deflected but the 1st half was where we lost it….a wasted 45 mins…..took us till 50 mins to start having a go…..


              Mr Brownbill,

              Honestly, I can’t waste any more weekends on this crap.

              At any other club…

              1. Maloney would have had a talking to by now.
              2. Magenniss would not be playing.
              3. The crowd would be offering more derision. But then again, Wiganers are voting by bums on seats, and it’s getting less and less bums on seats…

              The club is still a mess. No chief executive, no board, no real set up behind the scenes. The football on offer is absolute dross. It’s no better than Joyce, Mackay, Leam, or Kolo. It’s nowhere near as good as early on under Rosler.
              Caldwell showed today he’s a better manager than Maloney. I think Maloney is a nice guy, but a shit manager. I’m not entirely sure what his gameplay and tactics are. Seems a bit of a mish-mash. Any other club and he would be on borrowed time. Its painful to watch.

              cup winnerscup winners

                First half no energy only shining light was J.Jones and his positive runs and superb crosses with no one on the end. Fair play to Maloney, he didn’t wait till the 60th minute he made them at half time.
                But for me, Magennis, why ?. So every ball that went up to him rather than win the ball he decides to ignore it and simply jump into the defender.

                It just shows you how starved we’ve been for a striker, a poacher, someone who can create a goal out of nothing.

                I’m sorry but Maloney needs to bin the Magennis Loyalty card. I thought Cze looked sharp good on the ball and young Smith had a decent game.

                He has to start Kelman, it was so crystal clear it’s a no contest.


                  Thought the middle of the back four we were poor. Charlie Hughes worst game for a wile and Goode was at fault for the first goal showing a real lack of pace hesitating when he should have put a challenge in. Generally,the distribution was so slow coming out from the back . Poor day all round , Jones was not happy when he was subbed and rightly so he was arguably our best player on a day when you were scratching your head thinking who was man of the match.


                  Before the game I was thinking, put the effort in and we should win this game; then take a point at Oxford, and then I’ll make the trip to Shrewsbury. Now I’m disillusioned and determined not to waste my money next week. As a lifelong loyal fan, I now don’t want to listen to the long list of excuses. It really is quite simple: we have a better than average squad of players for this division, but it is the Managers game strategy and tactics that is our undoing !
                  We seem same to say the same things every week, ie.

                  Free kick in the attacking half of the pitch and we choose to pass back towards our own goal
                  Free kick on the left wing, probably 25 yds from the penalty spot and we take a quick short pass and end up losing the ball without creating any threat (the foul on Humphreys with about 5 mins to go).
                  Throw in, about 10 yards into the attacking half and we throw towards our own half with the ball ending up with Charlie Hughes on the edge of our 18 yd box.

                  Oh and don’t forget the excuse that the opposition put every player behind the ball !!!
                  Well, there’s a surprise that we knew would happen before the season even kicked off and it would be the majority of the visiting teams to the DW that would adopt that strategy. But have we figured out how to best combat that tactic ? I leave you to answer the obvious.

                  Maybe I’ll calm down before KO on Tuesday.

                  cup winnerscup winners

                    Smith did a good job but I noticed he was getting frustrated especially in the second half. He was recieving it but everyone just fcuked off towards the goal like a wide receiver in the NFL. All’s he had in front of him was 3-4 Exeter players so he had to give it back to Goode Hughes or he went wide.

                    Too many times Aasgaard and even Cze then Humphrys just ran away. What the 3 of them should have done was come short, a little dink from Smith then get it back so he can see the bigger picture.
                    For me we missed Matty Smith to link up in that middle.

                    But like I said, Magennis should not start, simple as that Kelman must start. No one can disagree with me when I say Magennis’s days are over


                    1 deflected goal is unfortunate. 2 deflected goals it really isn’t your day.

                    Just shows what can happen if you’re prepared to have a crack at goal…lessons to learn from our former manager!

                    Please cut out the short corners and get the ball in the box every time.


                      1 deflected goal is unfortunate. 2 deflected goals it really isn’t your day.

                      Just shows what can happen if you’re prepared to have a crack at goal…lessons to learn from our former manager!

                      Please cut out the short corners and get the ball in the box every time.

                      Exactly. It’s a free opportunity to get the ball into the box. You’d think Maloney off all people would have us decent on corners. The right ball and a flick…thats all it take.


                        2 deflected goals .. to add to the 2 own goals v Peterborough mid week .. didn’t think lightning would strike twice for them .. not excusing our ‘ performance ‘ btw

                        cup winnerscup winners

                          When you pick the bones through it were an easy team to read. We play it from the back when the players aren’t City so if you press us you’ll win back more times than you’ll get done.

                          Short corners, there’s a good chance if you study us that if you press the spare man we’ll fcuk it up or give it back to the half way line.

                          Magennis, put a man tight on him he won’t win anything as long as one guy goes tight. Magennis is awful, Kelman did more in the 2nd half than he’s done in his last 2 starts.

                          But for me are problems lie in the middle of the park. Scotty Smith yes Adeeko ? def not, he’s not good enough no were near. My fear is, when Matty Smith returns he’ll drop Scotty Smith for Adeeko.

                          One last thing


                          I’m glad someone else spotted it, Goode. Some are rattling on about how good he is, I’m not so convinced. I might be wrong but he lacks pace and when he’s back peddling he looked dodgy.

                          He might just have had a bad one against Exeter but I’m not convinced tbh that he’s as good as some reckon he looks like he’s missed alot of football.


                          Listening to radio Lancashire on the way home yesterday.
                          Two ex Rovers players were (one of which was Kevin Gallagher) criticising the way that Jon Dahl Tomasson had them playing.
                          Sounded like a carbon copy of the Latics, i.e.
                          Goalie rolls the ball out from the back, players pass it square and backwards in and around the 18 yd area. In general, sitting back far too deep; thus giving the opposition opportunity to press high and take advantage of poor passing and mistakes from the Rovers defence. Corners being taken short, resulting in the ball not even getting into the opposition’s goal area.
                          Then they discussed the changes that David Lowe (who was in charge of Rovers for one game) made yesterday which resulted in a good performance. Defence was pushed up, still played a lot of possession, but around the halfway line and into the attacking half of the pitch. Goalie only rolled out the ball on rare occasions and there was no farting about in their own area. All corners were taken like corners are supposed to be. In summary, the two reporters, said the simple changes made a big difference and the fans went home happy.

                          Not difficult is it :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


                            Does any of the clubs hierarchy actually go to matches on a regular basis? I don’t think they do otherwise they would realise the shit being served up, I know they where out in force for the United game even Danson attended.

                            If any of them did attend then Maloney would have been out of the door before Christmas, they are obviously not football people they probably look at the league table once a week and think we are doing ok, these people don’t have WAFC at heart.

                            VAT summed it up, the club is a shit show from top to bottom, Maloney in his post match interview said he “won’t be changing the style of play” Thanks for the heads up Shaun that’ll save me a few quid on a season ticket next season! And I won’t be on my own either.

                            Fuck the EFL

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