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    Mr Brownbill,

    Honestly, I can’t waste any more weekends on this crap.

    At any other club…

    1. Maloney would have had a talking to by now.
    2. Magenniss would not be playing.
    3. The crowd would be offering more derision. But then again, Wiganers are voting by bums on seats, and it’s getting less and less bums on seats…

    The club is still a mess. No chief executive, no board, no real set up behind the scenes. The football on offer is absolute dross. It’s no better than Joyce, Mackay, Leam, or Kolo. It’s nowhere near as good as early on under Rosler.
    Caldwell showed today he’s a better manager than Maloney. I think Maloney is a nice guy, but a shit manager. I’m not entirely sure what his gameplay and tactics are. Seems a bit of a mish-mash. Any other club and he would be on borrowed time. Its painful to watch.