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Before the game I was thinking, put the effort in and we should win this game; then take a point at Oxford, and then I’ll make the trip to Shrewsbury. Now I’m disillusioned and determined not to waste my money next week. As a lifelong loyal fan, I now don’t want to listen to the long list of excuses. It really is quite simple: we have a better than average squad of players for this division, but it is the Managers game strategy and tactics that is our undoing !
We seem same to say the same things every week, ie.

Free kick in the attacking half of the pitch and we choose to pass back towards our own goal
Free kick on the left wing, probably 25 yds from the penalty spot and we take a quick short pass and end up losing the ball without creating any threat (the foul on Humphreys with about 5 mins to go).
Throw in, about 10 yards into the attacking half and we throw towards our own half with the ball ending up with Charlie Hughes on the edge of our 18 yd box.

Oh and don’t forget the excuse that the opposition put every player behind the ball !!!
Well, there’s a surprise that we knew would happen before the season even kicked off and it would be the majority of the visiting teams to the DW that would adopt that strategy. But have we figured out how to best combat that tactic ? I leave you to answer the obvious.

Maybe I’ll calm down before KO on Tuesday.