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    When you pick the bones through it were an easy team to read. We play it from the back when the players aren’t City so if you press us you’ll win back more times than you’ll get done.

    Short corners, there’s a good chance if you study us that if you press the spare man we’ll fcuk it up or give it back to the half way line.

    Magennis, put a man tight on him he won’t win anything as long as one guy goes tight. Magennis is awful, Kelman did more in the 2nd half than he’s done in his last 2 starts.

    But for me are problems lie in the middle of the park. Scotty Smith yes Adeeko ? def not, he’s not good enough no were near. My fear is, when Matty Smith returns he’ll drop Scotty Smith for Adeeko.

    One last thing


    I’m glad someone else spotted it, Goode. Some are rattling on about how good he is, I’m not so convinced. I might be wrong but he lacks pace and when he’s back peddling he looked dodgy.

    He might just have had a bad one against Exeter but I’m not convinced tbh that he’s as good as some reckon he looks like he’s missed alot of football.