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Listening to radio Lancashire on the way home yesterday.
Two ex Rovers players were (one of which was Kevin Gallagher) criticising the way that Jon Dahl Tomasson had them playing.
Sounded like a carbon copy of the Latics, i.e.
Goalie rolls the ball out from the back, players pass it square and backwards in and around the 18 yd area. In general, sitting back far too deep; thus giving the opposition opportunity to press high and take advantage of poor passing and mistakes from the Rovers defence. Corners being taken short, resulting in the ball not even getting into the opposition’s goal area.
Then they discussed the changes that David Lowe (who was in charge of Rovers for one game) made yesterday which resulted in a good performance. Defence was pushed up, still played a lot of possession, but around the halfway line and into the attacking half of the pitch. Goalie only rolled out the ball on rare occasions and there was no farting about in their own area. All corners were taken like corners are supposed to be. In summary, the two reporters, said the simple changes made a big difference and the fans went home happy.

Not difficult is it :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: