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    It’s a case of, Maloney has a philosophy on how the game should be played fueled by working, under and at the side of Martinez and that’s all hunky Dorey,


    The players need to be hand picked to play in this system, super comfortable on the ball when under pressure, very precise and quick when passing and super quick upstairs knowing we’re it’s gonna go before they get it.

    If you have all these attributes the chances are your playing in the Prem.
    Neil Warnock recently said,

    “Every manager wants to emulate Pep’s style of play at City but they’ve not got the quality of player to do it”.

    We have a thrown together side who are been taught the Pep come Barcelona way and thats fine but most are leaving in the Summer so it serves no point.

    It’s horses for courses and were looking more like Mr Ed than Red Rum and the players are struggling to play his way.

    The half way line side to side passing achieves absolutely jack sh!t if the opposition press quick and your players aren’t good enough to play their way out of it.