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    I’m sure Magennis will get offered a 1 possibly 2 year deal as by all accounts he’s good for the changing room.
    That’s great but that takes the place and wages of someone who can contribute on the pitch.
    I’d offer Jones a deal, I know he’s hit and miss but at least he’s positive, makes those runs and he put a few good balls in on Sat.

    Definitely offer S.Smith a contract and would have said Pearce but too many injuries, the rest would have to go sad but true.

    Once the loans go back we’ll be decimated and a full real build will have to take place but now there lies the problem.

    If you want to build you have to sign players on min 2 year deals then bring in loans to suit. The big issue is we won’t pay (no money) and the wage budget won’t allow us to improve more like survive.

    I mean we can’t thank Mr Danson for saving us from the abyss but come summer we need to start rebuilding and what I mean by that is build from the top.
    Firstly the boardroom CEO needs to be sorted because for me that’s a bit of a joke right now. And a full intensive makeover of the scouting and youth system so we can build for the future and the only way is to make our own not buy in.