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    The article was dated Thursday 15th Feb so I’d take it was made “after” the Oxford game which makes it all the more worrying.
    We all know he has a difficult task given our position and only just coming out of administration but there was no reason to bring in Goode as we already had 4 possibly 5 (if you count Clare) centre halfs.

    His loaning out of Stones was his first major fcukup now bringing in and playing Goode has upset the applecart and Hughes is all over the shop.

    All’s Goode is doing is getting fit for a summer move as his contracts up at Brentford. Come June he’ll be looking for a free move and I’m sure it wont be us due to our restrictions on wages.

    Hes played 20 games in 3.5years and suffered 2 major hamstring injuries and a knee injury so in what I’d say are his learning to prime years playing football between the agesl of 24-28 he’s hardly kicked a ball.

    He should have a 100-130 games to his name in those 3.5 years but he’s barley 20 so we’re is he’s experience been gained?. And then to say Morrison Watts will learn from him ?.

    Well I hope Maloney’s right and if he is i’ll be the first to put my hand up and says “Sorry I stand corrected” but right now I doubt my arm will be going anywhere.

    We’re currently 6 points off the drop. The way were currently leaking goals by the middle of March we could be back in the relegation mix in no time what so ever.

    Throw in starting with Magennis up front and Goode at the back I fear for us. Leaking goals and your forward can’t score is a reciepe for disaster.