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    I went tonight’s game and dropped in at the ticket office around about 6:15pm in hope more than anything. There was bout 15 in the queue which took me 20minutes.
    Can someone tell me this,
    So the guys questioning me
    I showed him my season ticket he never used them he used my info via me telling him them. My point is queuing up while half the booths are unmanned.
    Why not scan the bar code on the season ticket to activate my season ticket account then, tick “USED FOR FLEETWOOD”
    There you go m8 your ticket, !! He even typed in the long card number lets get fcukin real here no chip n pin access??.

    I had my lads season ticket and for some reason they were humming and ahhhing about giving me his ticket because he wasn’t there in person. It was only after I said he’s COVID he gave it me.

    It’s a shambles and I know quite a few who ain’t bothering because of the way they’ve done it,no internet and turned the phones off.
    You have all the technology at your fingertips and were still replying on going to a booth and manually typing in details and cards.

    If we ever did get back to the Prem I’d stop going because we’d be treated like their doing us a favour, fcuk that once is enough