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    When do they go on sale ?
    Is it a Ticketmaster job ?

    cup winnerscup winners

      I was only thinking that myself. So what’s the script with Ticketmaster ?. Do you log in with your Latics email or is it just a scramble open doors and anyone on the day ?.
      What happened with Shrewsbury ?


      Still no tickets on sale !
      What is going on ????????


        Maybe they’ll be on sale at the ticket office on Saturday afternoon :wacko:

        Surely not every club is late giving us tickets?

        cup winnerscup winners

          It’s a p*ss take,people need to book coaches trains then there’s work etc. a week before still fook all ?.

          If there’s one thing Latics cannot ever get right is tickets home and away. It’s the fundamental thing that as a club you wannabe getting spot on by attracting supporters to games young old and new.

          I remember years ago when we had family friends could be linked together with client codes so family and m8s could sit together.

          Years on I still can’t access mine though my own email address even though last year I bought mine on its own.


          Rang the ticket office yesterday (Thursday), and their reply was: “I think it could be tomorrow or even Friday” !!!
          It must be me in a different time zone :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

          Anway, they are on sale at 15:00pm today; in person at the ticket office.


            Not great when you are abroad on holiday till Sunday 🙄. Kids aren’t gonna be happy to miss this one!


            Something fishy about all this :mail:

            cup winnerscup winners

              As per usual Latics fcuk up again, 3pm no online go and get fcuked I say. Mr Dansons motley crew are stealing living. If they organised a night out you’d all be in diff pubs for 7pm

              MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

                Another DW shitshow…..I work nights so dashed down at 2:30 and already long queue. Freezing my nads off….usual snails pace. People getting 10 and above tickets each..F####### wrong..having to show all client codes taking forever. Then to top it all they have a cash only window open which means loads at back of queue way behind me bomb forward and literally jump the queue. Some just arrived and go straight to that window!!!.F###### furious. Got my tickets(2) at 4:20. Last time for me. The whole ticketing system I f####### keystone kops !!!

                cup winnerscup winners

                  I went tonight’s game and dropped in at the ticket office around about 6:15pm in hope more than anything. There was bout 15 in the queue which took me 20minutes.
                  Can someone tell me this,
                  So the guys questioning me
                  I showed him my season ticket he never used them he used my info via me telling him them. My point is queuing up while half the booths are unmanned.
                  Why not scan the bar code on the season ticket to activate my season ticket account then, tick “USED FOR FLEETWOOD”
                  There you go m8 your ticket, !! He even typed in the long card number lets get fcukin real here no chip n pin access??.

                  I had my lads season ticket and for some reason they were humming and ahhhing about giving me his ticket because he wasn’t there in person. It was only after I said he’s COVID he gave it me.

                  It’s a shambles and I know quite a few who ain’t bothering because of the way they’ve done it,no internet and turned the phones off.
                  You have all the technology at your fingertips and were still replying on going to a booth and manually typing in details and cards.

                  If we ever did get back to the Prem I’d stop going because we’d be treated like their doing us a favour, fcuk that once is enough


                    What I can’t get my head around is the people that moan about the shite football we play are complaining how difficult it is to get away tickets to watch the same shite, why the fuck do you bother?

                    Fuck the EFL

                    cup winnerscup winners

                      Just because we go the game it doesn’t mean we can’t moan when it’s sh!t. We go because we support our club but I don’t know any fcuker that’s happy with what’s been served up to us on the pitch.
                      I’ll keep going and if it’s sh!te I’ll keep moaning


                      Yep, we have our right to voice our opinion. It’s only like going to the cinema or going to a restaurant, then walking away and saying that was brilliant or crap.
                      Me and HORC must have a hundred combined years of watching our beloved Latics, so I think we are entitled to voice our opinions; but then our opinions are based upon observation and comparison, not too dissimilar to SM (you don’t have to have a professional football career to be a football pundit, i.e. the current flood of female commentators and Gary Lineker).

                      I hate to think what we have spent, following the Latics, over a lifetime :-( :-( :-(


                        Worth every penny Lostock!

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